Donna cut the engine. 

‘We made good time,’ she said brightly.

‘Very good,’ Josh replied, glancing at the clock.

‘It’s surprising.’

‘Uh huh. Normally takes us much longer than that.’

‘Well, we avoided rush hour.’

‘Yeah, that definitely helped.’ Josh scratched at the back of his head. ‘I was expecting more traffic around New York.’

‘Same. We got pretty lucky there.’

‘We did.’ He shifted, turning to look at her. ‘Donna?’


‘You think it’s possible we’re discussing the traffic we didn’t hit because we’re nervous about going inside?’

She blew out a breath. ‘Maybe.’

‘We could go back. Tell her over the phone.’

‘We just drove for nearly six hours; you think I’m leaving before I’ve had about a gallon of your mom’s soup?’

‘I can make that for you.’

She patted his thigh. ‘Oh, honey, you really can’t. No, I’m glad we’re doing this,’ she continued, before he could retort. ‘I’m glad we came to tell her in person.’

He smiled at her, her lack of faith in his soup-making skills forgotten. ‘Yeah. Me too.’ He leaned across and kissed her, his hand going to rest on her stomach. ‘There’s nothing to be nervous about. She’s going to be so happy, Donna.’ His eyes shone in the half-light from the porch. ‘It was only me and her for so long, and now—’

‘She gets a grandkid,’ Donna murmured, her hand covering his. She smiled back at him warmly. ‘I know.’

‘And you. You know you’re her family, too.’ He tilted his head, considering. ‘Though she’s counted you as family ever since she decided we should get married back in… oh, 2000?’

Donna laughed and opened the car door. ‘Come on. Let’s go tell her I’m going to need soup for two.’

He climbed out as well, slamming the door behind him. ‘So, two gallons?’

‘Yes.’ She locked the car and came to join him. ‘Shall we?’

He nodded and took her hand.

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