‘This wine,’ Donna said loudly, ‘this wine is good. This wine has body. This wine has…’ She gestured vaguely for a moment, the liquid in her glass sloshing dangerously. ‘Flavor,’ she decided. ‘It has flavor. Grape, I think, and a hint of—’ she gave it a quick sniff ‘—I want to say elderflower.’

‘Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?’ Josh asked.

She shot him a stern look over the top of her glass. ‘I know all about wine, Josh.’

‘You know how to drink it, that’s for sure.’

‘This is an important decision.’ She slid her shoes off, curling up on the sofa. ‘You could get into the spirit a little more.’

‘The spirit of getting drunk?’

‘The spirit of deciding on the details of our wedding,’ she corrected. ‘And I’m not drunk.’

‘You just described a wine as “having flavor”.’

‘And so it does,’ she said primly. ‘Try some. Or are you worried about your sensitive system?’ She shifted, and Josh felt his breath catch as her skirt rode a little up her thighs. ‘Josh?’ she prompted, after a moment.

He tore his gaze away. ‘I don’t have a sensitive system.’

‘So, you should drink with me.’ She knelt up and stretched across to the table that held several bottles. ‘Which do you want? The Riesling? Or this Champagne is meant to be good. Though I think when the woman said “good” she probably meant “expensive”.’

His eyes lingered on the length of her torso, her long, smooth calves, and he couldn’t care less about the wine. ‘You look fantastic tonight.’

‘Thank you. Choose a wine.’

He grabbed a glass and her open bottle from the coffee table beside her, poured himself some and took a swig. ‘This one. It’s great.’

She sat back down, folding her arms. ‘You’re not even trying.’

‘I just think there are some details that matter more, you know?’ He gave a small smile. ‘Like our wedding night. Which we should practice for as much as possible.’

She raised her eyebrows.

The wine selection was put on hold.

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