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“I played the character knowing that she was knocked down, 100 percent, dead-in-front-of-a-bus in love with her boss. Every scene, I did not care if it was about taxes or about, you know, getting rid of the penny, it was all about me being in love with him.”

- Janel Moloney (x)

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The 20 Best Josh and Donna Scenes

16. She was the one who guessed.

When Josh is going through the worst of his PTSD, Donna leads the charge of support and is the first to diagnose his symptoms. During the truly heart-wrenching Noel, this closing scene brings a little hope to my heart. As Josh stands there listening to the Christmas music, which has previously been identified as a trigger for him, you see Donna standing right behind him. It’s comforting to know that, whatever he goes through, she’ll be right by his side. A brief moment, but it subtly shows the depth of their bond. 

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